Monday, January 30, 2012

The (dreaded) Food Log!

Day One (of forever):

Breakfast - 1 (one) Morning Round (from Ozery Bakery Inc.) with butter and agave nectar. (I'm not going to get all technical on the portions for those. Let's just say I don't go crazy)

Lunch - Grilled Salmon Salad w/ spring mix, half portion of salmon, flax seeds / nuts / blueberries, low fat dressing. Half cup of "Mayan Goulash": quinoa, black beans, salsa, green peppers, red pepper, and cilantro. (I'll document my weekly assembly-line lunch making next week. It's a thing of beauty, let me tell you.)

Afternoon Snack -Another Morning (afternoon?) Round, butter, agave, yada yada. A big spoonful of all natural / no sugar added peanut butter.

Dinner - Oh my GAWD, the most sweet-ass vegetarian concoction that the world's greatest girlfriend ever put together. Pure superhero feed. Black 'n' chili 'n' pinto beans, tomato sauce, red peppers, red onions, jalapenos, "Soy Curls" (which is kinda like Purina People Chow. Like Soylent Green, but vegan), celery, topped with avocado, with a whole wheat tortilla on the side. Two big-ass bowls, but nothing completely out of hand. I don't know, like - 20 ounces? I could never do that whole Body for Life six small meals a day thing. I like to fill up for dinner.

*picture credit: the world's greatest girlfriend

Plus, "some" water and green tea. Me, drinking - not coffee - but tea. Yeesh, this really is a brand new day...

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