Thursday, February 2, 2012

Food Log Addendum for 2/1

*sigh* Here we go again...

After I completed my food log for yesterday, I had to run by the store. Two M&M cookies from the bakery, and then a third sugar cookie at home. Then I polished off the remainder of the chicken that I brought home from work, and had a handful of corn chips.

The thing is, I'm HUNGRY. Like, legitimately hungry. I'm doing what I can to remedy that throughout the day, healthily. To that end, the GF made me some *bigger* lunches for today.

The OTHER thing is, she gets a little jittery when she sees me updating a food log after everything I eat, which is understandable, considering my slight obsession with my weight. This is just a little reminder for me that this blog is just as much about confronting my own considerable "food issues", along with trying to get fitter. More of that to come (I'm sure)

Less than half a pack a day on the smokes - not what I planned, but I still feel like I'm on track for the eighteenth...

Need to pick this up - good interval training music.

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